“What I knew in my head has become alive in my heart”

“What I knew in my head has become alive in my heart”

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Here is a testimony from a friend of Church in the City. Let this be encouraging, not only to CITC, but to anyone ministering to others that the work we do to point people to Jesus is making an effect and changes lives! Thank you, Kathy, for taking the time to bless us with your story.
I was very grateful to share this wonderful retreat with Church in the City.  I have visited Church in the City with my dear friend, Ranni Matar , and only wish I lived closer so I could come on a regular basis.  At services I always felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and the genuine love of the people.  Yet this retreat in New Buffalo, MI was the best!  The teachings of Ken and Michelle were so helpful in understanding the “schemes” of the enemy and knowing how to combat the enemy through the Word of God and the Love of God.  In addition to learning a wealth of information that is useful for equipping I was especially blessed during ministry time on Saturday, prior to returning home.  The things Ken and Michelle had to say to me personally (or pray about) were ‘right on the mark’.     There has already been evidence of spiritual breakthroughs in my life and a far greater assurance of the Lord’s amazing love….what I knew in my head has become for more real and alive in my heart.

I returned home to a very sick mother, who is now in the hospital again.  She is 82.  Within a week after the retreat I learned the reason for her extreme illness and pain, as we found out she has an inoperable tumor.  Despite the sorrowful implications for the road ahead, I am able to see (bett er than before) the hand of God and His lovingkindness, ever seeing little miracles amidst the hardship.  I am more than ever confident Jesus will never leave nor forsake those who trust Him.  Another break through that occurred after the retreat is that dear Christian friends I’ve known over the years and had lost touch with at length began to call.  I’d lost touch with one of these ladies for 6 years, another 5 years, and another close to 2 years.  During this season of suffering the Holy Spirit had put me on these ladies’ hearts.   He has brought these sisters to comfort, encourage and pray.   I feel the Lord is surrounding me with a warm blanket of love and support.  It brings a sense of being ‘restored’, and I immediately associated all three calls with breakthroughs achieved at the retreat.   It is hard to explain fully, yet I can sense a refreshing in the midst of suffering.  It is delightful to see how much can be accomplished as a result of prayers and ministry received at the retreat.

Also, in addition to sharing the room with Ranni, I met and was delighted to get to know the two other room mates, Diane and Amy.  We shared some wonderful fellowship.  The fine food and many snacks provided by Church in the City were delicious and created a sense of celebration.  What a wonderful, meaningful retreat in was.  Thank you so much!!!!   Also, I’d like to thank Church in the City, once again, for sponsoring me in 2/3 the cost for the retreat.

I can hardly wait to obtain the CD’s I requested of the retreat and also the Sunday service.

Kathy Peterson

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