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We are excited to be launching a blog with you solely for the purpose of bragging about God’s awesomeness. Please check out our About page for a description of why we started this, how to contribute, who we are, and how we chose the blog name.

We will be up and posting soon! Sign up  to have new posts emailed to you at the bottom of the page under Email Subscriptions. We’ll be posting about twice a week. Every Friday there will be a testimony question to stir up in our minds and hearts what God has been doing lately.

Contributions are welcome at any time! I mean, any kind of contributions. No need for thoughts like, “oh that’s silly”, or “it was really no big deal”, or “nobody wants to know about that”. Who cares! If God did something in your life or someone else’s, throw it on the pile! Don’t hold yourself back from making a big deal out of what God has done, even if it might be a little embarrassing at times. And the rest of us will try to do the same. I’ll start now:

Praise to the Lord, who helped Nate and I find our city sticker just now and miraculously kept us from getting ticketed during the past 9 days we forgot to put it on our windshield! Yes, He parts waters and heals and protects from evil, and sometimes even from the Chicago Department of Revenue. He is always good. Thank you Jesus! It’s Your money anyway but thanks, regardless.


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