THE WAY TO THE FATHER part 7 – Our God is the Good Shepherd (Jn. 10:1-21) – James Lusk

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The Father reveals His shepherding heart through his Son, and leaves us with the essential question, “What do you make of Jesus?”.



The Gospel of John was the last Gospel to be written, as such, it’s audience is a church in turmoil whose first generation of believers were beginning to die and new generations of believers were beginning to rise up. He wrote to a new generation, who were not eyewitnesses, to give further detail and explanation of Jesus as the Son of God. Johns approach is rational and with through philosophical evidence to Christ Divinity. His goal was to answer the questions and objections of Jews & Greeks and bring them into a greater understanding of who Jesus is.


The Gospel of John was written somewhere around 80-95 AD during intense persecution. Christians were being kicked out of synagogues and families leaving them with no community, social contact, or means of work. Many Christians were reverting back to the law in-order to regain standing in the Jewish community. John write evangelistically urging the Church to fall more in love with Jesus.


Like many other parables, in John 10:1-21, Jesus compares The Father to a Shepard and the church to his flock. In this particular instance, Jesus is speaking after a great division over who He is.


Text: John 10:1-21



Jesus lays it out for the Pharisees. He is the gate and he is the true shepherd, He is the only way to the Father. There are many truths that can be gleaned from this text; false teachers, the salvation of Gentiles, and ultimately the sacrifice of Jesus. It is the true Sheppard, Jesus, that can only lay down his life for His sheep. Ultimately the crowed is split; those who believe and those who don’t.


Suggested Discussion Questions

  1. Why was this a hard truth for some in the crowd to swallow?
  2. What is the difference between a hired-hand and the owner of the flock?


John- Week 7

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