THE WAY TO THE FATHER part 3 – Our God is the Giver of Living Water (Jn4:1-42) – Steve Sudworth

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We’re surrounded by so many good things that masquerade as ultimate things but they will never quench our thirst – the longing for “more than this” – that we all have. Jesus is the giver of living water.



The Gospel of John was the last Gospel to be written, as such, it’s audience is a church in turmoil whose first generation of believers were beginning to die and a new generation of believers were beginning to rise up. He wrote to a new generation, who were not eyewitnesses, to give further detail and explanation of Jesus as the Son of God. Johns approach is rational and with through philosophical evidence to Christ Divinity. His goal was to answer the questions and objections of Jews & Greeks and bring them into a greater understanding of who Jesus is.


The Gospel of John was written somewhere around 80-95 AD during intense persecution. Christians were being kicked out of synagogues and families leaving them with no community, social contact, or means of work. Many Christians were reverting back to the law in-order to regain standing in the Jewish community. John write evangelistically urging the Church to fall more in love with Jesus.


The first two chapters of John give an introduction of who Jesus is and gives further solidification to his Divinity. John chapter 3 contains one of the most cited verses; John 3:16 proclaiming that Our God is the God who Saves. This sets the stage for the first scene in Chapter 4; The Woman at the Well.


Text: John 4:1-14


Supporting Texts

Jer 2:13

2 Kings 17



Historical context tells us that the woman at the well was a social outcast; just like he did with Nicodemus in Chapter 3 Jesus breaks down social and religious norms by talking to her. He came for the broken, for the wounded and for the ugly. Samaritans were part Jew and part Gentile and generally looked down upon, an unmarried Samaritan woman was the lowest of the lows. Yet, Jesus sought her out and offered her living water.


Suggested Discussion Questions

  1. What is a modern people group could be viewed as the lowest of the lows?
  2. Jesus identifies the woman’s problem, offers her a solution and extends an invitation; where in your life have you seen the Lord do just this?

John- Week 3

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