The Privilege of Being Commissioned – BUILT BY JESUS part 3 – Hue Doan

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We are all commissioned, with full power and authority from Jesus, from the moment we declared that He is our Savior.


Matthew 16:13-20; 29:20

Luke 19:10

John 17:18

Hebrews 1:3


What – seek and save the lost as His ambassador (overall)
How – Go after the dream/passion God has specifically given each of us (James 4:8)

Local church:
As each member walk into his/her specific commission (industry, people, profession, neighborhood, etc) – CITC will be able to walk into her commission (CITC vision)

Commission: Given authority and power to represent Jesus (e.g. US ambassadors represent America and POTUS). Just as America has a US ambassador to every other country, Jesus is commissioning His ambassadors to all industries, social/economic backgrounds, cities, professions, etc.


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