The New Normal (Tommy in Belize)

The New Normal (Tommy in Belize)

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Here’s a testimony from Tommy’s recent trip in Belize. So sweet how God uses our normal times of going about our days to bring His kingdom when we are prepared for Him to do so. There has been so much ministry lately, locally and traveling – please send me any testimonies you have and declare God’s goodness! Don’t hold back people, it’s the internet: you aren’t going to use up it’s space.

Tommy, but not in Belize. :) Photo courtesy Nate Tubbs

July 2010

“I just returned from photographing a destination wedding in Belize.
While I was there traveling with Beki Gangi, a friend and fellow
photographer, we were looking for cheap hotel rooms. In the town of
San Pedro, we saw a “Rooms for Rent” sign hanging, so we inquired on
the second floor. A woman came to the door and followed us back down
the stairs to show us the rooms. As we made normal friendly chit-chat,
she hobbled down the stairs and said life was hard and she lived in
constant pain from her knee, which made it extremely difficult to get
around and run her business and live life with any kind of joy. She
had already been to the States to have one surgery but expects to
return for another. We decided not to stay at this hotel because it
was only for week long rentals, but as we were leaving, I asked if I
could pray for her knee. She gladly accepted, and I commanded the knee
to be healed 100% and for all restoration. I had her test it out, so
she began walking up the stairs then basically floating up the stairs!
Her mouth was wide open. She explained to me that she couldn’t do
anything even close to that before and showed me how she used to take
each step at a time, use her hands and both feet would land on each
step, etc., but now she could walk like any normal healthy person! So
she’s ecstatic, and we walk into her living room. I ask how much
better it is. She replies, “80% better.” “Praise God!! Let’s pray for
100%” So we went at it again, this time Beki had returned and joined
in. Right after, she was testing it out, moving, bending, squatting,
etc. and had NO pain! I explained that Jesus is still very much alive
and heals, and so on. She said she is a believer but doesn’t have much
passion and doesn’t read the Word much. We ended up praying for the
baptism of the Spirit, and she was so so happy. Immediately after, her
husband comes home and she rattles off in excited Spanish how she was
healed and he exclaims, “Pray for me too!” His knee was also bad. So,
we went for it, commanding the knee to be healthy. He tested it out
and said it was about 80% better! We thanked God for what He had done
and then commanded 100% healing in Jesus’ name. He tested it out and
was in shock. We were there for another 20 minutes, at least, and he
kept testing it and no pain was left! Their grandson sat through the
whole thing and I was able to share the Good News with them. They all
proclaimed to know Jesus, but I’m sure this was a tangible experience
of His love either way! As I was leaving, the woman teared up, “The
Lord has sent you here to us today!!” What an awesome chance to be
living normal life and seize the opportunity to show the Gospel in
Word and Power. Hallelujah!!


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