The Church That’s All Grown Up – EAGERLY DESIRED, Part 5 – James Lusk

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The fitting response to how God has designed the Body of Christ (“One”), His good gifts (from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and His partnership with us is FAITH. As a church matures, faith will be her response, more and more- the humble expectation that God will do what He’s more than able to do, according to His commands, desires and purposes.


1 Cor 2, 12, 14 // 2 Cor 1 //Acts 1, 3, 19 // 1 Peter 4 // Eph 4 // Rom 12


The church that’s all grown up responds to God’s designs in faith: We humbly expect God’s glory to be shown in the way He has designed His gifts for us.  And we humbly expect to share the Gospel in power– and that salvation will accompany God revealing Himself.

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