Thankful for His Faithfulness (Mel)

Thankful for His Faithfulness (Mel)

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God is faithful. Sometimes we see this in the little aspects of our everyday lives – when we just catch the bus, when that cup of coffee is extra well-made, when you receive a surprise phone call from a friend. At other times, we can see evidence of God’s plan and purpose and faithfulness in larger events.
I had come to a new city to obtain my graduate degree two years earlier. The course-work was grueling,and I often felt inadequate as a member of my class; but I had been selected, by God’s grace, to be enrolled early into my program, and used that as a ballast to keep my faith afloat that I was where I belonged. The Lord then provided for me a job with a fabulous boss and co-workers, before I had even graduated my program. To be certified in my career, colleagues must also pass a board examination post-graduation which is quite expensive and requires approximately 9-12 months of study preparation.I began studying at the appointed time and used every available evening and weekend to hole myself up in Starbucks or another local coffee shop to prepare for my exam. As the date came closer, I began to feel more confident that I would pass, mostly due to my personal and group prayers with my friends for wisdom during the test.
The day of the exam, I walked in, mostly feeling relieved that this would be the last day I would have to worry about the test. But as I continued to take the test, I realized how many questions of which I was unsure of the answer. I started to get anxious, and prayed for God to calm me down. Several hours later, I finally finished and walked out crying because I was convinced that I had failed. I came home and my roommate talked to me for a while, suggesting that we pray about the exam. Over the next two months, as we waited for the results, we prayed that if my score was insufficient, the Lord would change it so that I could pass my exam, and not have to pay again and go through the studying for another year.The day finally came when that crucial envelop was placed in my mailbox. With shaking hands, I took it inside the house, sat on the couch, and I prayed that the Lord would be glorified in whatever the results were. I opened the envelop. On the top was written “Congratulations, you have passed your national board examination.” Reading a bit further, I saw that I had needed X number of questions correct to pass; I had received exactly X number correct, and am convinced that God had intervened, as He had with my interview into graduate school, grades during my program, internships, and job interviews, to allow me to be placed exactly where I am in my life.


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