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Recap: Wicker Mic – July 9th, 2015

10 07

Last night was the rescheduled-from-June’s-rainout first-ever-Thursday-night edition of Wicker Mic. It went “as usual”, meaning it was crazy, unpredictable and fun 🙂 We were excited to have Cielito Lindo Family Folk music as our featured closing act — they are an incredible family band (a father and four sons) that…

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Wicker Mic RESCHEDULED to Thu, July 9th

02 07

Well, we were all ready to host Chicago’s finest outdoor open mic last Friday… but then it rained 🙁 GOOD NEWS, though — Our friends at the Wicker Park Advisory Council had an idea, and asked if we would like to reschedule to next Thursday, the 9th, and do Wicker…

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