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Take Hold of Your Inheritance by Letting Go – RESOURCES REDEEMED – Part 2 – Mat Philip

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We step into more of our inheritance, by letting go of idols in our lives– freedom from a “spirit of mammon” in order to embrace the call of God. KEY SCRIPTURES Matt6:19-21,24, 1Timothy 6:10, Malachi 3:6-12, Mark 4:41-44 RESPONSES Tithing helps us stay away from the love of money (Greed)…

Freed from an addiction (Vince)

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Whether recent or ‘not quite-as-recent’, we want to continue telling stories of God’s goodness. Thanks, Vince, for sharing! — On December 8th 2013, I attended a local Jesus Culture concert. Prior to the worship, Pastor Banning Liebscher of Jesus Culture felt to pray for deliverance from addictions. He asked those…

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