Sufficient Grace (Beverly)

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Surgery is hard. For my rotation in neurosurgery, I get up at 4am and usually don’t get back until 7pm, having barely eaten or drunk anything all day. Rinse, repeat, six days a week. During surgeries, I have my feet stepped on, hands moved, instruments grabbed – invasions of personal space and lack of respect which would be shameful elsewhere. Yet, I rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say – rejoice.

It’s tempting to wallow in my broken, tired humanity and let it swallow me up. It’s even easier when everyone around me is constantly gossiping about the other people they work with, harping on their faults and complaining about the extra work that’s been piled on them. But that’s not my purpose. My purpose is to do everything without complaining or arguing as if working for the Lord, not for man.

Extra energy is required to go against the flow, to decide not to be negative and choose contentedness. It seems impossible to come up with such when you’re short on sleep, constantly hungry and your mouth is dry like sawdust. Sometimes, the very fact that I feel on the end of my tether is a good thing, because then I can relax into the knowledge that God’s power is made whole in my weakness.

His grace is sufficient for my needs.

– Beverly

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