“Somebody just pointed me here…” (James)

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Wednesday was another normal day at the office at 1040. Normal, that is, until our door buzzer rang and a man came to our door. I didn’t recognize him, so I asked him how I could help him.

He said that he was from Harvard, IL (far west outreaches of the ‘burbs), but he had been stranded in the city for 3 days. He and a friend had come to see a Cubs game; his friend had gotten arrested and their car was impounded. He was trying to clean up and scrape together the money to take the Metra home.

“I was told this was a church,” he said. “Can I wash up here?”

I told him we had a shower if he wanted to use it. I gave him a drink of water and some cash to get him home, and he was able to wash up.

Before he left, I asked him who directed him here. “Some guy out on the street,” he said. “Just told me I should try here.”

He went on to say that he felt so much love (at 1040) and felt so taken care of, and he was startled by it. “This has been the worst three days of my life, but being here has been wonderful,” he said.

Holly, who was working at 1040 that day, was able to give hime a ride to the Metra station downtown, and he was on his way.

It was a sweet, unexpected reminder of two things for me. One, that God has precious, even odd opportunities to show people the love of Jesus. The other was the somewhat prophetic tone to the man’s statement: “Somebody just told me I should try here.” It stirred me to pray that God would draw people to His Church, and that we would be ready to pour out the love of Jesus.

It’s like Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet: “The readiness is all.”

– James

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