Running Injury Quickly Healed

Running Injury Quickly Healed

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Thanks Amanda for sharing this testimony of physical healing!


I trained this whole summer for the chicago marathon. At first, I was
not entirely thrilled with how much time it would take to train, but
as the race drew closer, I became so thankful for those hours on the
lakeshore, just me and God. talking and running lots. He showed me so
much about Himself and myself through those times together.

A few weeks before the race, my back came out of alignment, and my
left ankle started to hurt really bad. I “babied” it for the next few
weeks until the race, in hopes that I could run on race day. I really
felt that He told me that He wanted me to run and finish this race
that He had marked out for me. So race day, I was feeling okay, and
was running. it wasn’t until mile 5 that my ankle started hurting
again, and by mile 7 i could not walk at all. I was watching all the
runners pass me. But because I believed that God wanted me to finish
this, I started hobble-walking, then hobble-running. My ankle hurt the
entire 26.2 miles, but God brought me to the finish line. I was able
to finish the race in 4hrs and 12 minutes. I knew that it was only the
Lord that I was able to complete the Chicago marathon.

Since then, my ankle has been really bothering me. Last Sunday,
though, people prayed for my ankle to be healed. Sunday it immediately
felt better, but as soon as I left Church in the City, it started to
hurt again. The next morning, it felt almost completely better. I
have been able to walk normally since then, and there is only a slight
pain in my ankle now.

God is good and gracious, and He not only showed me what He wanted
from me, all I had to do was trust in Him, and He provided the
strength and courage to go through with what He called me to do. He
has taught me so much through this simple trusting of Him.


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