A gathering for discussion of meaningful topics.
Bring your questions.
Stay for lunch.
Throughout the year, we love to gather as a family to dive deeper into how the Kingdom of Jesus practically manifests itself in consequential ways. We ask the hard questions, wrestle with the important issues and discover what it looks like for Jesus to be Lord over all, today.


Join us for lunch and informal discussion on the following topics. Please RSVP so that we can plan accordingly for venue and food. These lunches will be hosted at a leader’s house or at our 1040 W Huron facility. We will email all who RSVP with complete details.


September 3rd, 6:30-8:30pm at 1040 W Huron

Conversation on Reconciliation

Continuing an ongoing conversation about the gospel and reconciliation, and our role as a local church. (no RSVP required)


February 15th, 1pm

Word & Spirit

How does the Spirit of God work in partnership with the Bible? Is this partnership valid? How is it outworked in the Church? Individually?

April 26th, 1pm

Living Like Jesus is Lord

What are the practical challenges to living a life submitted to Jesus’ lordship? What do factors of self, culture and society have on our mindset regarding Jesus as Lord? Does a life lived under his lordship make waves today? How can we spur one another on in following him with everything?


June 22nd, 1pm

In Christ. In the Family.

What is the role of the “citizen of Heaven” today? What does that look like in our culture? Our city? Nationally? Globally?

August 17th, 1pm

Kingdom Justice

What does “justice” look like from the perspective of Jesus? What impact does the answer have on issues of social justice, socio-political and socio-economic wholeness?

October 5th, 1pm

The World in the Mirror

What is the relationship between the follower of Jesus and the culture of the world? How do we respond to expression and ideas? How do we create? What do we create? How do we communicate heavenly truth?

Questions? Contact Steve Sudworth