Released Leases (Dirk) and the Meet Dirk Challenge

Released Leases (Dirk) and the Meet Dirk Challenge

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This testimony comes to us from Dirk, who, with the rapid growth recently in the church, I have yet to meet. If you go to CITC and haven’t met Dirk yet, I’ll race you to meet him and Cathy. Who is up for the challenge?

Thanks to Dirk for adding this stone to the pile and letting us see God’s work in his life! It reminds me of when Jesus told the fishermen to throw their nets on the other side of the boat and they were like, “Uh, sure thing Mr. Carpenter. You know we’ve been doing this all night?” and the next thing they know their nets are bursting with sardines (I googled it- the Sea of Galilee has a lot of sardines).

November 25, 2010

My wife, Cathy, and I have been attending for a few weeks, exploring CITC as a potential church home.  In two recent services, elders put forth that they sensed the Lord wanting to release business matters that have been “mysteriously” bound.  This resonated with me, and I thought of the business I was building and how many good things were happening, yet we had a “mysterious” hole in our revenues.  Things were good, but not what I prayerfully sensed they could be.  So, when they prayed for release of revenues (is it not great that the God of the Universe actually cares about such things as business. . . .) I threw my hat and situation in the ring.  Separately, I continued to pray that the Lord, having announced the availability of grace for this (I am thinking of the stirring of the water at Bethesda), would indeed release the revenues He had in mind for our business.  Over the next few days, five (yes, five) leasing deals came out of the sky and landed in our lap.  I had been working these deals for months and they were going nowhere, and suddenly there they were. [I manage a real estate based company and leasing is the heart of the business.] This moment speaks to me of several things: the authority the elders can display at CITC; the need to respond to a word from the Lord by taking hold; the weeks I spent fighting deals without simply asking the Lord to release them if it were His will (and therefore my need to continue to increase in understanding how dependent I am on the Father).
But here it is Thanksgiving Day, so what is clearest to me is that it is certainly time to give thanks for this wonderful moment of revelation and provision from the Lord.  Thank you, Father.

And thank you, elders of CITC, for your faithful pursuit of your duties–clearly evidenced by such confirmation of your direction from on high.


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  • Otto December 9, 2010 at 6:26 pm / Reply

    Thanks for sharing Dirk. Like what you said “to continue to increase in understanding how dependent…”

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