Preview: “Because Jesus is Lord” sermon series

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As a Church Family, we’ve just spent the opening months of the year studying the Gospel of John, discovering the ways in which Jesus came to reveal the fullness of God the Father. This amazing account- of Jesus revealing the immeasurable love of the Father and obeying the Father unto death as payment for the salvation of any and all who will place their faith in Him- culminated with the resurrection of Jesus as victor over death. Accordingly, we reached the conclusion that Jesus Christ truly is not just Savior…he is Lord.

That’s his place, and his deserved position.

But what practical ramifications does the lordship of Jesus have in our lives? The temptation can be to take the statement, “Jesus is lord,” and keep it in some ethereal realm, tucked away from anything that would actually intersect with our daily life. But is that what we see in the New Testament?

No way!

Over the next ten weeks, join us as we engage a new series at our Sunday Celebrations. The series is called, “Because Jesus is Lord…” In it we’ll explore what it means to live daily for Jesus- the king- and discover the ways in which the Kingdom of God practically impacts the way we live. It will be an exciting journey through much of the New Testament, and we’re trusting for God to move in power and for lasting revelation on truly living daily for King Jesus.

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