Prequel to the Coffee Shop Story

Prequel to the Coffee Shop Story

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It was Fourth of July weekend of 2008, and I had just spent the night hanging out with friends at a local bar. I remember coming home that night and feeling completely empty. I missed having a relationship with God, and I’ll never forget how I started talking to God and praying to have that intimate relationship with him that I missed so much. I thought about how I wanted to start going to church again, but I didn’t know where to go since I had only lived in the city for a little over a year. This testimony goes to show that God hears your prayers and answers them when you least expect it.
The next day I had a rather relaxing one and decided to go to a coffee shop in my neighborhood. When I arrived at the coffee shop the place was empty. While I was placing my order a woman came in and stared at the menu hanging behind the counter. I saw her and didn’t think anything of it and went and sat down. Once the woman had finished ordering she came and sat down at the table next to me and we both sat there fully immersed in our books. When we got our coffee and dessert, we put our books down and began to indulge in the goodness.
I can’t remember who broke the ice first, but we started talking about how good the dessert was that we were both eating. That one comment led to an hour-long conversation of us getting to know each other and how we both ended up living in Chicago. During our conversation, Jesi, my new friend, mentioned her church a couple of times here and there. I told Jesi how I was longing to find a church, and then began asking her questions about her church. Where was it located, what was it like, and so on. She gave me the church’s business card and we exchanged contact information. I remember feeling really happy while talking to Jesi and excited to go to this church and check it out.
I called Jesi that Saturday night and made plans to meet her at Church in the City the next morning. I went to the church and felt a little nervous at first since I didn’t really know anyone. Everyone was so friendly and made me feel welcomed. I went back the next week and the one after that. I started going to a “small group” to meet more members of the church and to get involved as much as possible. Needless to say, I’ve been going to Church in the City for almost three years and have a place where I can call home. From all of this, I look back at what an amazing thing God did for me, and how my prayer was answered!

You may remember Mel’s testimony a few weeks ago where she met someone in a coffee shop who invited her to church and answered her prayers for family and friendship. That someone was Miss Brittany, the instigator of both of these interactions at said coffee shop. How awesome to watch these women become part of a family after a season of being lonesome urban dwellers, and through something so simple and every day as going for coffee. God, we pray for more of these interactions this week!

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