Physical Healing During Prayer Time at a Business (Gary)

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We were recently praying at a business that distributes commercial supplies. During the prayer time the Lord had great words of encouragement and blessings for the people, and through one of them some internal forgiveness issues came up, which we led the team through forgiveness prayers and a prayer to release lies. It was powerful.

Near the end of the time, I had a pain in my wrist so asked if anyone had wrist pain. One woman did and I prayed for her (a simple, 10 – 15 second prayer), and her wrist got better. Then a guy asked if I could pray for him. He had hurt his shoulder a couple of years ago in an accident. It gave him constant pain in his shoulder and upper chest, and he had lack of mobility in his arm. I prayed for him and he teared up and was unable to speak for a bit. Finally he was able to say, “I don’t know what just happened. My pain is completely gone, my shoulder is better.” Then another lady asked for prayer. She had broken her arm a while back and it was still bothering her. She also had a herniated disk in her back. I prayed for her and her arm pain went away and her back pain did as well. I could feel the swelling disk going down and her spine adjusting under my hand as I prayed. She stood up and was swinging her arms around and flexing her back, and smiling.

At this point, everyone had tears in their eyes as they saw the marvelous love of the Father for His children. The rest of the group lined up and asked for another round of prayer and blessings from the Father, which we did. God is so good!

– Gary Klopfenstein

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