Partnering with God to Prepare for Fruitfulness – Steve Sudworth

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The way to respond to God’s promises is to ask “How can we partner with God in order to prepare for Him to answer in His perfect time?” Ultimately, whatever God has called us to will only ever be achieved if we long for the loveliness of Jesus more than anything and learn to practically love the people right in front of us.


  • Hebrews 6:12
  • Acts 2:1-4; 42-49


  • It’s time to raise our expectation (amazing things happen when God’s people gather with faith and expectation)..
  • It’s time to take God at His word.
  • It’s time for the saints to do the work of ministry (that of sharing the good news of the Kingdom in power).
  • It’s a time to ensure main things are main things (time to focus on the simplicity of what the church is called to do).
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