Partnering with God for Healing in the Workplace (Leanne)

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This past week I was privileged to participate in very simple act that has encouraged me to realize how the Kingdom of God is advanced in our every day lives.

I sometimes question how God is glorified through me in my daily life, especially since I work in a busy kitchen,where there isn’t much time to talk about God. It is definitely true that through relationships, God is able to show His love, example, and truth to people in our lives, but often it is hard to find opportunities that help us gauge how effective we are reflecting him.

Lately I have felt God speaking to me about this; that I don’t add anything to what he is already doing. Rather, His presence in me and his already passionate heart for the lost, is sufficient in showing his love to my coworkers. I simply need to agree and partner with him – and I am learning how that it is through the simple things.

Last week I came into work. Greeting all the cooks and staff as I normally do, I came upon Alexis. He pointed to his throat and gestured that he can barley talk. I found out that wasn’t sick, but his throat was inflamed and causing him some pain. He assures me that there was nothing I could do, and that he would be fine, but he did take me up on my offer for some tea.

As I was making his tea, I felt the Lord tell me to bless him, and that He was going to be healed. So, in my heart I thanked the Lord for his healing, and gave him his tea. I decided not to ask Alexis if he felt better, because I had already sensed the Lord had healed him, and wanted him to come to the same conclusion.

Later in that day, Alexis came up to me with a smile and surprise in his eyes, as he asked in a clear voice, “What did you put in that tea?!” The same smile came upon my face as I felt the satisfaction of seeing God heal in such an unlikely, simple way. I told him that I had made a ginger tea with some honey, but the truth was that I prayed healing for him. Alex didn’t say much more, but thank you, and mention that his throat had been bothering him for a few days and had kept him up at night.

I am so thankful that I was able to partner with God in believing for Alexis’ healing. I trust and expect for more times, where I can agree with what God is doing, even if I don’t see an immediate change.

– Leanne

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