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I’ve been realizing how much we pass on our testimonies to our close friends and through the grapevine of the church community. I am constantly hearing all of these great stories of God’s work and often think, “They should type that up and send it to me for the Stone Pile!”. Some people don’t have time, or maybe don’t think this is a place for short-winded testimonies, so I decided I am going to start posting whatever I hear. The stories below were left anonymous, although I did get permission to pass them on and you may know who they are anyway. I am going to post groups of these brief “overheard” testimonies often, so if you have a one-liner, a one-paragrapher, or something you want to tell me in person, let me know!  I will ask permission before sharing any testimonies I “overhear” on the world wide web. You can now also submit testimonies using this easy form on our church website.

Ok, now to the stories. Hear’s what I overheard last week:

A few weeks ago, a family in our community realized they had underestimated their expenses and were exceeding their income by $400/mo. Tempted to stress and thinking of every way to quickly trim the budget and make additional income, the wife told the husband she thought it was a good opportunity for them to learn to trust God. “Not that I thought we should’t do anything about it, but just that we should trust him with the situation. I had seen his faithfulness to others, but I just wasn’t sure if He would do the same for me.” She was tempted to think that because they had gotten themselves in the situation, God would make them figure out how to fix it alone. After finding a way to trim $100 off of their monthly expenses, the wife found $300 in her pocket the next day. Her mom had “just felt like” giving it to her. The next week, their bank sent a letter with a large check saying they had been over-paying their mortgage by $400/mo. and here was a check for the difference! God is faithful to even you! Praise Him!

Another friend had a traumatic experience months ago that she realized was still affecting her relationship with God. She felt as though He had abandoned her and she could not really trust Him. “Why, if I’m his daughter, did He allow this to happen?”. At the church retreat in Michigan, Ken asked her to declare that she trusted Jesus. She can’t explain it, but since that time she has felt complete freedom and ability to trust God, despite months of trying to mentally overcome the doubt on her own. Perhaps there is an area for you to confess truth with your mouth today in order to get past a spiritual hurdle that is holding you back.

Thanks to these friends for passing on their stories! Looking forward to hearing yours.

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