Our God is Good & Faithful… Always. (Daniel)

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord,

I feel compelled by the spirit of God to speak (or blog) of God’s immense love and unfailing faithfulness.

For the past two months or so, I have been living as if there were a vail of darkness clouding my vision and darkening my days. I have been held captive by the fears that the enemy has fed me. Fears that God will not make a way for me after school. Fears that I will not not find a job, and that Zilu (my lovely girlfriend will not find work in the city). But most crippling, I have been drinking the lie that Our Heavenly Father, my Dad, does not really love me. That he is indifferent at best. I have been weighed down by a false reality, which states that I must earn my way into the presence of God, and that consequently, He will not continue to love me in spite of my struggles, my sinfulness, and my inabilities.

However, I am overcome by freedom and immense joy as I write this testimony, and I sincerely hope that others who have been fed similar lies will receive hope from these words.


This Morning I was sitting on my bed, journaling to God, and I felt compelled to read through the book of Ephesians. So I did. Honestly, I cannot even say what words or passages specifically stirred my heart. But upon finishing the book I thanked God for our time together and then, entirely unexpectedly, I began to weep uncontrollably. I felt the spirit of God upon my heart, and I felt my Heavenly Father looking at me — looking through me to the very core of my soul. Then, as best as I can describe it, I felt His pleasure. Similar to the pleasure that my earthly father has expressed in his face when he was proud of me. . . But this was immeasurably more powerful and moving. I felt the light of the Living God crack open dark places within the caverns of my soul, and fill them with warmth. He is good.

I praise God because He has never stopped adoring His children. His faithfulness is unending, and cannot be revoked. His love is persistent, regardless of our failings. His awesome strength is made known in or weaknesses. And, those who are sealed in the promise of His Son, Jesus Christ, have absolutely nothing to fear.

Thank you for reading this account. Please continue to keep me in your prayers.

Blessings, peace and joy in Christ. Amen.

– Daniel Granitto

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