Ministry to Churches in the Pacific NW – Steve & Debs

The middle chapters in the Book of Acts (Acts 13-20 in particular) describe a network of churches partnering closely with one another in order to advance the gospel and the Kingdom of God through planting new churches and strengthening and encouraging already established churches. We read of Paul, Barnabas, Silas and others extending the reach and influence of God’s Kingdom from the strength of base churches – established churches able to release resources in order to help others (Antioch in Acts 13 and Ephesus in Acts 19 for example) – and then returning to these local base churches to report back all that God had done.

We believe God has called CITC to be a base church releasing resources (people, finances, ministries, etc) in order to advance God’s Kingdom throughout Chicago and beyond. To that end we’ve planted churches, released ministries and finances into the nations and through our partnership with New Covenant Ministries International (, we’ve released leaders to strengthen and encourage other churches in the US and beyond.

Just recently Mark and Courtney Nelson took a team to Restoration ( in North Center led by Hue and Vanessa Doan who served on the eldership team at CITC for many years. Debs, Cade and I have just returned from a 10 day trip to the Pacific-NW visiting with and ministering in 3 churches that together with us, partner with the NCMI ministry team.

Our time with Revolution Church ( in Vancouver-BC, Trinity Church ( in Victoria-BC and Firebrand Church ( in Gig Harbor, WA was very encouraging. Each visit was unique but generally included lots of friendship time with the leadership teams, specific meetings with various groups within the churches (Debs did worship training at Firebrand and we did leadership training at Trinity and Revolution) and then “all-church” meetings including teaching on Sundays in Vancouver and Gig Harbor.

It is honestly a huge privilege to see what God is doing in other parts of our nation and beyond and we’re honored and humbled that as a church family at CITC, we get to help and encourage these churches through friendship, prayer and ministry. As we were traveling home I was reminded of the Bible’s constant and clear teaching and instruction that we never “walk alone” but are called to be part of a body (Rom 12, 1 Cor 12) – joined together to become a holy temple in the Lord (Eph 2). If that is true for us individually, it is certainly true for us as a local church family. Through our partnership with NCMI, we are linked to so many churches in our nation and beyond who are praying for us and celebrating what God is doing here. I encourage you to experience some of these relationships by joining us at the US EQUIP (Jun 27-30) in LA this year, along with many other churches from the US for a week of worship, ministry, teaching and friendship. You can learn more or register here ( or ask me for more information.

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