“Listening” in a Dream [LISTEN]

Wendy-Willoughby-800wWendy Willoughby

Dreams are usually where we ‘see’ pictures and events while sleeping – but I have had dreams in which words I have ‘heard’ – have greatly impacted my life.

For several years before we left South Africa to move to Chicago, Clive had a clear and strong conviction of God leading us to relocate to the USA. I had no doubt in my mind that God was leading us in this way, but my heart needed convincing. As we continued with our lives, the intensity to seek God about a move to the USA would come in waves. One evening, after praying and crying out to God about this, I sensed a different level of intensity. That night I had a dream:

I was at a relaxed social gathering chatting to a group of extremely tall young people. Their manner of speech was gentle, but very compelling and persuasive and I found myself becoming more and more engaged in conversation with them. We were discussing differences of things like cheese!!! Specifically the differences between French and American cheese. Then the topic grew to discussing other differences between France (where i lived after college for a year) and the USA. I could feel something was changing in my heart while they were telling me about America.

“But the needs in South Africa are so great” I remember saying to them (As a social worker in South Africa, I had first hand experience of the suffering of thousands of underprivileged youth and children in the areas of abuse, hunger, orphans etc. My heart had been so touched by their plight.).

“The needs in the USA are just as big, if not bigger.” I heard them reply.

The truth in these words touched something deep in me. Soon after this dream, I had a growing conviction myself that God was leading us to the USA.

I could not tell the nationality these young people, but I am convinced that they were or that they represented angelic beings.

God is so good in that He uses dreams etc to get our attention -and speak to us – to address the questions of our hearts – to bring bring truth and a liberty to be able to follow His leading. I invite you to share your dreams with someone if you don’t think you quite get the meaning or heart of it. Clive and I would love to help where we can!