How Racquetball Gave Me Opportunity To Be A Blessing [DO]

Clive-Willoughby-800wClive Willoughby
Computer Engineer

A few months ago I met a man at my local gym while playing racquet ball. We started playing fairly regular games together, and slowly got to know one another despite English not being his first language, and my spanish being nonexistent.

In one of our conversations after a game, I leaned from him that he had suffered a huge stroke roughly 2 years before. As a result of the stroke he could not work and lost the ability to sleep properly at night. He told me that he could only sleep about 30 minutes a night.

I asked whether I could pray for him, and he agreed. We prayed together and asked Jesus to reverse this condition and give him work and rest again.

Two days later, we were playing another game of racquetball, and my new friend was very excited. He told me that he had slept for 4-5 hours each night since we prayed. He was in tears, and so grateful to Jesus. He was also visibly a different man due to sleeping again.

It has been a few months now, and he has halved his medication (under medical advice) and has started to work again.

Unfortunately, I have been out of touch with him recently, however his last report to me was that he is now sleeping well for at least 5 days a week. When we do see each other, he asks for us to pray for his family as well!

My reasons for writing this story is firstly to give the glory to God for his healing power in this mans life, and also to say that it was never my intention to go to the gym to find someone to pray for, I went to the gym because I like to play racquetball. In the process of doing that, our paths crossed and God opened a door to be a blessing to someone – it really isn’t much more complicated than that.

Now that my friend is working much more often, does anyone know of any body who would like to play racquet ball?