Active Listening [LISTEN]

Vanessa2Vanessa Doan
Stay at home mom

I have a very active mind and tend to think about a lot of things all the time! This mean I generally need to be purposeful about finding a way to shut my mind down for a bit in order to hear God and really listen to Him.

I think we often feel that we need to have a long quiet time, or try really hard, to hear God, but with a family of 5, and something always going on, I rarely find the time to actually sit down and just listen. Add to that the fact that I get easily distracted when I am not busy doing something.

I wanted to share a few ideas that help me in this process of “listening”, which may be helpful to you, if you are a little like me!

I find that busying my hands with a task helps me to clear my mind from all the distractions so I can hear God. Some of the times God speaks to me most are when I’m getting ready in the morning, doing dishes, laundry, cleaning, organizing, cooking, working out, and driving even. In other words, when I’m busy with something and not trying so hard to listen.

Another thing that helps me tune in with God so I can hear Him, is worship. I put worship music on throughout the day and can find myself in His presence crying and being ministered to when I least expect it. Worship turns our attention to God and away from all the other things going on in our hearts and minds so we can listen to Him.

Asking is essential to listening. I sometimes stop and ask God right in the middle of a parenting issue with one of my kids, “Lord, please give me discernment and help me to know what to do.” I then listen and wait for a moment, and often get the clarity and direction I need to parent my kids with the leading of the Holy Spirit. I believe God wants to speak into most areas of our lives and give direction, guidance and wisdom, if we just ask and are willing to wait on Him for His leading.

God speaks to us so much through His Word. I often listen and wait on God to recall scripture to my mind to encourage myself or others. When we have the Word hidden in our hearts, God can bring verses to mind that we’ve read over and over again to bless someone or help us find His heart for a situation or season.

These are just a few things that have been helpful to me in my walk with the Lord. Fortunately, we are not all alike and some of these ideas may work for you, and some not. The method is not as important as simply being aware that God is speaking to us in our own unique ways, and that there is freedom in understanding our uniqueness, and God’s ability to speak in every and any situation we may be in.