These three simple words – LISTEN, WAIT, DO – have a deep meaning, and even deeper implications.

  • Are you trying to find out the meaning of life? Then Listen … Wait … Do.
  • Are you trying to find out your purpose, and how you fit into the big picture of existence? Then Listen … Wait … Do.
  • Perhaps you have dreams, many dreams, but you feel stuck in a rut, unable to move into the next phase of realization? Then again, Listen … Wait … Do.

We believe, and have experienced, that the true questions of life are best answered in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Not the religion you may have heard of in the movies, or the symbolism displayed on old buildings, but a true and real relationship with a God who loves you, a God who speaks to you, a God who holds all things in His hands and knows the timings of life. A God who has told man to find peace in Him, and to find their purpose, fulfillment and calling in truly living for Him!

These three themes will be expanded on in this website with video overviews and articles written to help you understand how these principles apply, and should be applied to your life. Come, and explore with us and experiment “listening” in ways you may never have done. Be encouraged by true stories from people like you and I, to understand what “active waiting” means and how quiet periods in your life may have a very significant purpose that can only be understood properly as you “listen and as you do”. Lastly, what does being active as a believer entail? What does it mean to be involved in seeing God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven?


Imagine a relationship…

…where one person does all the talking, and the other sits in a box, unable to get a word in, unable to respond or sympathize, unable to hold or comfort. That, most of the time, is the way we treat our relationship with God. If we truly understood the relational nature of God, we would place much more attention on listening, instead of just talking, shouting, demanding, whining, and judging. We would stop. We would listen. We would converse.

God IS love. God created us for His purposes, and one of those purposes is to commune with us, to talk, and direct, and lead, and love. Listen to some of these stories, read these articles about how we can cultivate the art of listening to God:


“Listen, then Wait? Shouldn’t it be Wait, and then Listen?”

Well, I’m glad you asked. Listening obviously involves some measure of waiting. What this waiting refers to, is what we do after we have heard from God. We all seem to be waiting for something… A job, a promotion, a child, a positive net worth, a dream, a spouse. The question we’re raising here is … How do we wait? And will we be found faithful in the waiting seasons of our lives? Will we be found fruitful when we think we’ve not quite arrived at destination awesome?


Do. Active. Work.

There is a lot to be learned in a classroom, in a lecture hall, in books and brochures. However, until it is tried, you often don’t know which questions you should have asked. Some call it “on the job training”, others call it “trial and error”. Jesus told his disciples to go, he did this a few times, first fairly soon after they started following him, also just before he was crucified, and later just before he ascended into heaven. God’s plan for your life involves action, it involves going out, teaching people about God, showing them the power of God, being involved in people being brought into their destinies, into freedom, into life, out of darkness, and into abundant eternity.

The idea of listening, waiting, and being active in the process, will minimize the paralysis many feel they are trapped in, unable to move forward into their calling, or into their futures. Some wait for perfect moments, other for the stars to align. Some wait to hear absolutely everything with crystal clear certainty, when most of the time the process of hearing, and waiting is perfected in the doing. In waking up each day and learning to trust in hearing God’s voice as you work and face each day’s challenges. In approaching a friend, a neighbor, or a stranger with a burning feeling that you are to pray for them, but you don’t know why … In the stepping out, in the doing, we learn to rely completely on God, and we learn to truly live!