Like Moths to the Flame

Like Moths to the Flame

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I have to say, I love this story below.  Can every day of life be like this, please?

Send me some testimonies people, I am not about to let this blog go dry! What has God done or been doing in your life?

photo courtesy Jamie Tubbs

August 2010

On Wednesday, Heidi, Brittney, and I were all working at their
apartment when the fear of finances and various things came up. We
decided to pray for each other and declare God’s favor and truth over
each circumstance. It ended up being a very powerful time. Heidi had
the idea to go grab their downstairs neighbor, Gina, who has a bad knee
and had wanted them to pray. I was able to share the testimony of
knees being healed in Belize just 2 weeks ago, and I think her faith
was boosted. There is power in testimony! So we declared healing to
her knee and she couldn’t test it because she would have to go for a
run to find out. Another hour or 2 passes, and it’s about 6:25. I’m
about to pack up to get ready for prayer meeting, when Gina comes
upstairs and asks me to teach her nieces the 10 Commandments. I was
hesitant, but she insisted. A couple minutes later, 2 Puerto Rican
girls, ages 12 and 14 walk in awkwardly. I ask if they were in trouble
or something, but they weren’t. I humorously explained to them why I
didn’t really feel like teaching them the 10 Commandments, because God
isn’t just there for us to keep the rules and that He’s actually a
loving friend and Father to us. They perked up instantly and started
asking questions. This led into me sharing the entire Gospel with
them, and they had never heard it before! Soon, Heidi, Brittney, and
Karen joined, slightly confused why I was sitting there with 2 young
girls and my Bible open. The girls soaked everything up like a sponge
and they accepted Christ! They even shared with us how they both had
had dreams about God. One has had nightmares, but then this white
light comes and the fears leave. The other girl had a dream where she
saw Jesus on the cross surrounded by all these demons and she had to
dress up like a demon to keep from being targeted, and she made eye
contact with Jesus and He showed her His love. Fortunately, these
girls only live half a mile away and so Heidi, Karen, and Brittney
plan to disciple them! It’s so cool how we often go out to find lost
sheep yet here’s an example of them coming to us! Like moths to the


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