Throughout history, the Church has adopted numerous titles and positions to define church leadership. However, the Bible speaks of only two: elders and deacons (1 Timothy 3).

The word “elder” is used interchangeably with “overseer” and “shepherd” (pastor) and describes the same person. While Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church, elders are the highest human authority within a local church.  They are responsible for leading and governing the church family (i.e., setting direction, establishing doctrine, exercising discipline) as they faithfully follow Jesus Christ.

Even though the husband is ordained as the elder, we believe both the husband and his wife are called into this Biblical expression of local church leadership together.


Following the example of Scripture (Acts 6), as the need arises, elders appoint deacons to assist them in serving and leading the church. While deacons do not “govern” the church family as elders do, they serve in every capacity and function in Biblical leadership. For just as Jesus Christ made clear: for anyone who desires to be great, he or she must be the servant of all.

Husbands and wives serve in deaconship together, and those who are single serve, too.