Kingdom Partnerships

Thank you, Clayton, for sending these encouraging words to us! Clayton & Jen Grenfell lead Free Life Church in Leesburg, VA — a church we have had many years of friendship and partnership with.

In Luke 5, there is a story of Jesus getting into Simon Peter’s fishing boat, and it turned his life upside down. Due to Peter’s obedience and availability, it ended up that Peter, James and John were all called by Jesus as disciples, forsook all they had and followed Christ. Peter had such an influx of fish that he had to call another boat, and both were filled to overflowing. I can honestly say that Church in the City is this kind of Church. There is a partnership / kingdom aspect to Church in the City that I have yet to witness elsewhere.

In January, Nate Tubbs came out to help us with administration, worship and many other area’s of the Church, due to some of the changes Free Life is experiencing. Since then, he has spent many hours on calls and video conferences with different people in Free Life, probably shortening our learning curve in some areas by a year. We are looking forward to having him again next week. We thank you for releasing your best to us 🙂

Over the years, Steve Sudworth has played a strengthening, maturing role in our church in multiple areas — he is always willing to help, to preach, to travel, to send others, and even to help financially when needed. Not many people are willing to fly out for one or two days on multiple occasions with no benefit to themselves! I cannot express our thanks and appreciation enough to Steve and Debbie, and the leadership there at Church in the City for being willing and available. Like the Philippian Church was to Paul, Church in the City has been to Free Life, this is not flattery but honest truth from our hearts.

We pray many blessings and years of reaping a harvest to you all, may you be blessed. To Church in the City, you have open handed leaders with great hearts, trust them, work with them and walk with them.

You’re grateful friends,

– Free Life Church

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