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Here’s a simple and potent testimony from Debs to encourage you today as you love the children of God you encounter. Thank you for the encouragement Debra and Happy Birthday (yesterday!)!


In the last two weeks I have had three “spontaneous” encounters where I have either been able to share my faith or encourage someone. I have left each encounter more stirred and more convinced that evangelism/reaching God’s people is not as daunting as we all think.

I believe that there are seasons that rest over us in church life where God seems to highlight something specific about His character or His heart for us. We have walked through many different seasons where there has been an ease to do something that has not been as easy before.

Although reaching the lost and touching the people of God has always been something dear to our hearts at CITC, there seems to be a season over us right now emphasizing reaching the lost of our city. I have sensed it and also we all heard God’s heart for this city that came strongly through Tyrone’s messages.

I have had two opportunities to share my faith in the last week. Once was sitting on a park bench watching Cade play and the other was on the school playground – again watching him play. What struck me was the ease of which I was able to share about how God wants relationship with His people and that we serve a King of Grace. I walked away thinking wow – that was Awesome!!!!! I am excited to see what happens next and can’t wait for my next opportunity. I am primed, ready, expectant and poised to share my wonderful Jesus with our lost city.

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  • Nathan Tubbs September 29, 2011 at 8:30 am / Reply

    good word of encouragement! excited to see things happening naturally and regularly through all of us!

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