We gather on Sundays to worship Jesus together, to hear teaching from the Bible, to fellowship in family community, to do the work of ministering to one another and to give God the space and room to do whatever He desires among us.  There is no requirement of membership, no dress code and no pressure to look or “be” a certain way.

We desire freedom and hold our service planning with an “open hand” before the leading of the Holy Spirit.  One of our elders will “lead” the meeting, being sensitive to what God is doing in our midst.  A team of musicians will lead the congregation in worship through song. There is no prescription to each individual’s worship; rather we invite each person to wholeheartedly declare his or her devotion to Jesus Christ.

Our children take part in the musical portion of our worship service before being released to our GroundBreakers Children’s Ministry.

We set aside the time after corporate worship for the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, addressing practical and spiritual issues but always focusing on Jesus.

Opportunities for ministry- personal and corporate- often arise from our time spent in worship and preaching the Word.  We conclude our gatherings by making space to pray- and to be prayed for- for the work of God’s Kingdom.  Trained leaders minister in prayer to anyone who needs it.  We stand with one another for healing, deliverance, wholeness and our inheritance in Jesus, trusting for God’s mighty impact as we do.

10am at Holy Trinity High School
1443 W Division St.



1st Wednesday of each month



As a Church we set aside an hour on the first Wednesday of each month to worship, to pray and to wait on God. While we come each time prepared to pray through issues related to the church, our city, our nation and the world, our primary desire is simply to meet with God. These times are a combination of intimate worship, passionate intercession, bold warfare and quiet contemplation.

A Family Of Prayer A Heart Of Worship

6:30pm at Holy Trinity High School
1443 W Division
Childcare provided


On Sundays, we desire for children to be a part of our worship experience. They are as much a part of the church as their parents. What better way for them to learn a heart for worship than to watch their parents and parents’ friends worshipping God wholeheartedly? If you are visiting, please grab a gift bag with some toys and goodies for your kids from the welcome table in the lobby.

We provide age-appropriate children’s care when the kids are dismissed after worship. This is our GroundBreakers Children’s Ministry. Children can be registered for that day’s GroundBreakers classes before church begins at 10am or as parents escort them to their classrooms after worship.

There is also a nursing mother’s room and a diaper changing area available.