Jesus and The Samaritan Woman – TRANSFORMED BY JESUS – Courtney Nelson

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How we view Jesus determines the way we live our daily lives. This teaching explores the story of the Samaritan woman and how her life was transformed as her view of Jesus went from “just a man” to “just a prophet” to “Savior of the world”. Jesus challenges us to live our daily lives with a view into eternity. This passage is a beautiful picture of how Jesus meets with us by his grace and gently lifts our gazes heavenward to see who He truly is. What does daily life look like when lived with fresh revelation of Jesus as Savior world?


John 4


How do we daily keep our revelation of Jesus as Savior?
-Fill our vessels DAILY with Jesus through connecting with Him in prayer, worship and time in the Word.

What happens when we live with this revelation?
-We begin to grasp the bigness and amazement of our Salvation and our Savior.
-We can see ourselves as Jesus sees us.
-We can see others as Jesus sees them.
-Our life and the lives of those around us will be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary.

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