Are you the gospel girl? (Heidi/Brittney)

Are you the gospel girl? (Heidi/Brittney)

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I am racking up the testimonies here and already have 7 lined up and ready for posting! I’m going to have to hold myself back from sharing them all with you at once.  But please, don’t hold back from sending more! Too many testimonies would be a great problem to have, and the ones you have are important. We are going to announce this blog at church on Sunday, so I thought I would add a testimony now to whet your appetite for more when you come to check it out.

Here’s an awesome story of how God has been adding boldness and giving opportunities in our neighborhoods lately…


The other night it was on Brittney W.’s heart to have a worship night. We had it at our (B, Karen & Heidi’s) house and windows were open. Our neighbors heard and stopped B later and asked if she was “the gospel girl- the one singing so loud to the Lord?” They brought up questions about God and suffering and Britt was able to talk with them and pray for each one. Two of the men were in a gang. The oldest was 30 and said he was afraid God would strike him dead if she prayed for him because of things he had done. She told him God loved him and he began to cry as she prayed. She also got to encourage one of the younger men to go back to school and pursue his dream of being an architect. All this was because they heard us worshiping! It made us think of Kathy S.’s word- of the ears of the city turning to listen as we worship. Praise God!

-Heidi S.

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