Hearts Stirred for Chicago on the Bus

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On Saturday, around 30 folks, mostly from CITC, joined Dr. John Fuder (‘Doc’), of Heart for the City and Pray Chicago, on a rock-club owned school bus (picture below – major ‘style points’) and embarked on a “Heart for the City” bus tour. This learning excursion is a product of Doc’s nearly twenty years of building relationships with ministries and neighborhoods all over the city of Chicago. The tour allowed us to experience the rich history, culture and diversity of Chicago through a Biblical lens, and to grow our hearts for the city by engaging it first-hand.


Over three hours, we covered a lot of ground (although still a small portion of the whole city), learned a lot of history, and prayed specifically for the communities and people groups we encountered. It was remarkable to hear stories of how neighborhoods have changed – some for the better, and some for worse – and the various factors that have contributed to it. Doc told of the history and current context of housing segregation, racial tension, economic disparity, violence, and challenged us to ask God what we, His people, are to do in response, seeking the ‘shalom’ (wholeness and wellbeing) of these communities and our city as a whole.


I think that we all were affected and deeply challenged by the tour. I know I was. We want to continue to learn and to seek God’s voice in proclaiming the good news of Jesus to Chicago and demonstrating how the gospel brings transformation to our relationships and neighborhoods. God has been at work in Chicago, is at work in Chicago, and wants to continue to use His Church to bring healing and wholeness to even the most broken and hurting places.


God, we are listening. Guide us. Use us to proclaim and demonstrate your love to Chicago.

If you want to learn more about Doc, Heart for the City, or resources to engage our city, check out the videos and recommended reading on the Heart for the City website.

– Nate Tubbs

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