Healing Testimony (Val)

Healing Testimony (Val)

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Got any doubts? Me too! But guess what, God’s kingdom is coming anyway! Thank you, Val, for sharing this wonder-full and honest testimony. It was such an encouragement to me.

Healing Testimony – February 21, 2011

I’ve had problems with my right leg most of my life, and over the past couple of years the pain has gotten worse, settling in my lower back and along my sciatic nerve.

About four months ago, Gerry Ching gave a testimony about being healed. He’d been having pain in his lower back and sciatic nerve as well. It turned out that one of his legs was shorter than the other, and when the Equip group at the Whiteley’s prayed for him, it grew and the pain went away. As I listened, I had the sense that perhaps I had the same problem.

While I had no doubt at all that Gerry’s story was true, I was still a bit skeptical. I came up in the ‘70s during the Jesus movement when it seemed that every other person was healed of either a short leg or short arm, and I knew from experience that those healings are very easy to fake. Therefore, even though I suspected that it was the Holy Spirit telling me that I shared this “short leg syndrome”, I didn’t tell anyone, ever.

At last Sunday’s Equip meeting, again at the Whiteley’s, three of us asked for prayer for lower back and leg pain. We broke into groups, and I was surrounded by Nancy, Monica and Janelle. Although the short leg possibility immediately came to mind, I decided not to say anything, telling God that if this was the problem, he would have to reveal it to one of them.

As they lay hands on my back and right hip, I clearly felt the power of God moving though my body. However, each time I tested my leg, by “marching”, I felt pain. Finally Nancy looked at me and said, “Have you ever had your legs measured?” Bingo! Right then I thought, “Here we go God!” I sat down in a chair, positioned my spine against the back, and stuck out my legs. Sure enough, all three of the women said my right leg was shorter than the left.

With my eyes closed and Nancy kneeling in front of me, my feet in her hands, Monica started to pray, commanding my leg to grow. The instant she spoke I felt a strange pull in my leg, and I’ll be honest – I was really surprised! My eyes flew open at the same time I suddenly slipped forward in my chair. Nancy had the same look of amazement in her eyes, and asked if I had moved myself forward. Since I had just silently asked myself the same question, I knew the answer was no. Something had happened in my leg, and I didn’t do it! Nancy asked me to stand and march again, and this time there was no pain. We measured, and sure enough, both legs were the same length.

What really gets me, the real evidence of God’s goodness and love, is that he did the miracle in my body when I still had doubts. He taught me long ago that it’s okay to say, like the father in scripture, “I believe, help my unbelief!” Last summer I experienced the healing of two abscesses in my teeth at a time when I knew in my head but not necessarily my heart that he would heal me. In his wonderful mercy and grace he is showing me that he is willing and able to work through our mixed feelings. Praise God, he is wonderful, and I am healed!


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