Healing of Sinuses (Gary)

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I have had damage to my sinuses for several years. It was especially bad if I went swimming – I would get an allergic reaction and not be able to breath through my nose for several days. This was and on-going issue for 10+ years and no medication was able to help.

Last week, I wanted to go swimming in the lake with my family, and decided just to suffer through the next few days of discomfort. The usual reaction occurred – stuffed up nose, and itchy and red eyes. That night before bed I decided to ask Jesus to heal my sinuses. I prayed for healing and immediately felt my sinuses clear. Moments later my son came into my bedroom and told me that the had just experienced a sense from the Spirit that I had been healed. I slept without congestion for the entire night. The next day I went swimming again, and had no congestion. There is no explanation other than healing from prayer. I praise Jesus the Healer.

– Gary K

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