Healing of Knee (Gary)

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I was spending some time with my brother last weekend and felt like I should share with him how I have seen God heal people, and gave him an example of a healed knee. He asked if I could pray for his knee to be healed. When he rolled up his pants to show me, the knee was very swollen, all the way down to his ankle, and black and blue in places. He had sprained it a while back and had not gotten treatment. It looked really painful, and was warm to the touch. He was going to see a doctor and thought he might need surgery. I put my hand on his knee and told the pain to go away in the name of Jesus and for his knee to be the way God designed it.

As soon as I finished the prayer, he said “Wow. Your hand made my leg cool down and it feels better already, I can roll my pants down without pain.” I checked back with him over the next several days and his knee was entirely better. He thanked me for a miracle.

God is such a good father and shows His love by touching our lives in real and tangible ways.

– Gary K

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