Good Good Father – Eph-4 Ministry – David & Kathy Swart

We invited David & Kathy Swart from 614 Church in Columbus, OH to minister to us at our 12th birthday celebration weekend. Kathy shared an update on 614 and how God has been working there, and Dave shared a foundational word of challenge and encouragement about our good Father and the importance of knowing and walking with Him.


The Gospel of John


– Know, listen to, walk with, and love your Father.
– Be grounded in your identity in God first and foremost, let your work and life flow from that place. You are not an orphan, you are a son/daughter of the Father.
– Take the authority that God has given you, and pray, go, and do.


“This is a coming of age for CITC”
“You’ve learned to ride the bike, now ride it!”
“This is not a time for complacency, but a time for dreaming and advancing”

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