God Rescues (Brianna)

God Rescues (Brianna)

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Thanks Brianna for sharing this great story of God’s protection (from Jan 20th)


I want to share how God intervened for me in the midst of a frightening and difficult experience. I had lain down to take a nap before leaving for the CITC worship night in January. As I slept I had a nightmare that felt incredibly real. Within the nightmare I woke up in my bed only to hear strange voices and seemed to feel trapped physically. I was terrified so I prayed and kept asking Jesus to come. The sounds would flee but then I would wake up within that dream to find myself in another nightmare (still in my bed, exactly as I’d fallen asleep) hearing voices and feeling terrified. So it continued, every time I thought I was awake something strange and unreal would happen that paralyzed me with fear. After this repeated 8 or 9 times I woke up, trembling all over. I got myself together and left with my friends for the service, still a little afraid I was dreaming.

So…that was really horrible, as I’m sure you can imagine. I think what made it worse was that while it was happening, I was praying and asking Jesus to come…but I half-believed he wouldn’t and I would be taken over or hurt or whatever. But each time after I called out to him the voices or dreams or spirits, whatever they were, would leave and I would wake up.

I was still a little shaken up, because I didn’t know if it had just been a horrible dream or if I was being spiritually attacked. But when we got to 1040, after we started singing I realized that God had rescued me each time. I was alive and safe and he was sheltering me…and during each song he just brought so much comfort and joy and courage to my heart. After the third song I was laughing in the face of the enemy’s pride and boldness, laughing at my own fear and doubt. The Holy Spirit moved me to intercede for anyone under any attack, whether it was from themselves or the enemy that night.

So, that’s it. I was incredibly encouraged…and shown the immense grace and care that God has for his children, that he is quick to rescue and mighty to save. Nearly every song we sang seemed to focus on God’s light in the face of darkness, and I felt that my experience was aligned with that. I feel like those armies in the old testament…who have been saved through a great battle by God’s intervention. Praise God.

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