God on the front lines.

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Just a quick testimony that actually has nothing to do with me, but is a simple witness of God’s prevailing love in other lives!

I attended an Easter Vigil service with a few friends and saw three people baptized in Christ…one of whom we later realized was a student from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (where I graduated from). This girl is not someone I knew personally, but to see a student from that school take that step is truly miraculous. God is good, and he is winning hearts on the front lines!

Later I was at another service and recognized a philosophy professor from SAIC going up to receive communion with his son. I took his summer course where he once wrote starkly on the blackboard (after taking our class through the logic of Aquinas, Anselm, & Augustine) the only logical philosophical conclusion is that God exists. (I was so shocked to see that in an SAIC class that I snuck a picture of it…that photo attached to this post is 2 years old.). At the time, I thought his stance was more abstract …but the texts he assigned that summer challenged my own understanding of faith and actually whetted my appetite for truth – truth that logically brought me even nearer to Christ as my classmates’ arguments fell to the floor in the face of those fathers of the faith. To see this sharp witted intellectual professor humbly walking to take communion was a beautiful grace. I was struck with thankfulness for how the Lord works in all hearts who seek him…how God uses his own people to sharpen his children in so many ways.

Please pray for the young woman who is a new child of God – for her faith to grow and for Christ’s light to shine through her at school. Please pray for that professor and the students he comes into contact with, that he would continue to bring those important conversations in his own battlefields he faces with love.

The Lord is full of wonder & light. Praise Jesus and his truth, in his love that “draws all flesh”.

– Brianna

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