Feeding people experiencing homelessness

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On Sunday afternoon, some folks from the Doans’ Connect Group made some sandwiches and hit the streets to serve some people who are homeless, in response to the stirring on their hearts:

As you might know, I chauffeur my sister to and from work each day.  Several months ago, I decided to take a different route home and turned off Rt. 41 onto Lawrence.  I was shocked to see so many homeless curled up in cardboard and blankets trying to shield themselves from the cold wind.  My heart was stirred.  Another time passing by I noticed they were all in colorful tents.  I thought, someone has blessed them with shelter!  Every time I pass by, I want to do something but couldn’t think of how to help.  However, I would always whisper a prayer for them.  Jesus loves the homeless… I felt I could do something to be a blessing to them in some small way.  It has been my desire… I’m so glad our small group decided to fulfill that mission.  Even though its a small deed, little is much when God is in it.  🙂

– Marie


As a family of believers in Jesus, we are trusting to impact the lives of those around us by proclaiming and demonstrating the love of Jesus. If there is something stirring on your heart, talk to a leader or bring it to your small group and see what God would have you to do about it in our community.

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