Feedback: Trip to Dubai & South Africa pt1 (Steve & Debs)

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This just in from Steve & Debs:

Debs and I send love from Johannesburg, South Africa. We’re in the middle of a week of teaching, training, worship, ministry and fellowship along with over 400 other leaders from more than 25 nations who serve on the NCMI (New Covenant Ministries International) apostolic team that CITC partners with; the team that Debs and I serve on under Tyrone & Nicole Daniels leadership (they’ll be ministering at CITC Sun Nov 8 – SAVE THE DATE).


A highlight so far was to hear the incredible testimonies and feedback from men and women who work with local churches in over 100 nations. Puran and his wife from Nepal shared firsthand of a wave of salvations sweeping across their nation following the earthquake and as a result many churches being planted, made possible by the financial generosity of so many partnering churches across the nations (including CITC). A couple from India shared how God has enabled them to plant 100’s of churches in the past 15 years and release many mighty miracles, including praying for and seeing 2 men from a village they’re working into raised from the dead, which lead to many of the village coming to Christ (this happened just a few months ago). The testimonies were almost endless and reminded us all that we serve a God who is powerfully at work advancing the Kingdom of His Son Jesus across the nations. What a privilege to be part of something way bigger than just Chicago!!!

En route to South Africa, we stopped over in Dubai to minister at City Lights Church and visit Debs sister’s family. The connection with City Lights Church came through Ash Bell, a mutual friend who has ministered at CITC before. Despite not knowing the church or them knowing us we were asked to minister at their Friday worship gathering (the Sunday Celebration for us). The worship was outstanding and they are a people who are very hungry for Jesus and the experience of His power and life. It was such a privilege to be with brothers and sister in Jesus despite the foreign culture and jet lag (I preached 12hrs after landing after a 14hr flight from O’Hare). What is most interesting is that Non-Emiratees can never take up citizenship which really adds to the “citizen of heaven, sojourner on earth” truth; you can feel it among the people at church. Although it’s legal (barely) to have church they are the “scum of the earth”. As a result City Lights Church moved 16x in a year last year but recently have found amazing favor and have been in a warehouse for the past 9 months.

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On a personal note, Debs sister and family moved to Dubai 14 years ago but, for various reasons, we haven’t been able to visit with them until now. Needless to say there were many tears as well as laughter, especially since Debs got to celebrate her birthday with her sister and family. Here’s a photo of Cade and his cousins enjoying sun set on a desert safari and then Cade from the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) – the 124th floor!!



The rest of the CITC gang begin to arrive in South Africa over the next few days as the WORLD EQUIP starting Monday draws near. From what I hear there will be people from close to 100 nations in attendance. We’ve already heard so many stories of God’s miraculous provision enabling people from across the world to attend the EQUIP (including some amazing testimonies from some of the CITC team) and we’re fully expectant for God to do so much in the lives of many next week. Please pray for us throughout the week if you remember.

Without the incredible team of leaders back home, we would not be able to enjoy this experience so a huge thanks to those leading, preaching and serving while the 19 of us from CITC are away. We miss each of you and look forward to sharing more great God-adventures in the coming weeks.

Much love,

Steve and Debs

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