Feedback: Ministry Trip to LifeStart Church (San Jose, CA) – Apr 15-17, 2016

The Klopfensteins (Gary and Candice), Debs and I recently visited with Patrick and Vanessa McNamara and their church – LifeStart – in San Jose, CA. Patrick and Vanessa planted LifeStart out of Westside Church, led by Steve and Teri Barr, in Placerville, CA.

Whenever we minister into other churches we obviously go full of faith to encourage, build, strengthen and “equip the saints for the work of ministry” but inevitably we’re the ones who leave strengthened, encouraged and challenged. This was certainly the case after the weekend with the McNamara’s and LifeStart.

LifeStart has been planted in the heart of Silicon Valley – a stone’s throw away from the headquarters of companies like Apple and Google – and therefore into a culture that is largely self-reliant, highly competitive and hugely indifferent to God and the idea of “needing to be saved”. But Patrick and Vanessa and LifeStart have given themselves to building relational bridges into the community that is beginning to bear Kingdom fruit. Over Easter they hosted an Easter egg hunt for over 120 kids from their neighborhood – all of whom aren’t Christ-followers. We left reminded of the privilege we have back home to share the love of Jesus with those the Lord has placed around us.

Please pray for Patrick and Vanessa and LifeStart; for God to add more “fellow workers” to help with the task of sharing Jesus – for gospel to take root in the hearts of those who don’t know Jesus – and for the church to continue to be the salt of the earth and city on a hill that is already is.

– Steve


Candice also shared about the trip recently on a Sunday:

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