Feedback: Helping 614 Church move into their new venue (Columbus, OH) – Aug 14-16, 2015

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This past weekend, Jamie and I and our boys had the privilege of being with 614 Church in Columbus, OH as they moved into their new church venue. For the last nine months, 614 has met and grown within the Dave & Kathy Swart’s home, and maxed out the capacity there! Dave & Kathy, along with their church family, decided that it was time to move into a new facility for their Sunday gatherings — and they are now settled into a local elementary school.

2015-08-16 09.48.25

The weekend was busy — loads of last minute tasks and details to think about! We worked through new gear and processes, trying to streamline their setup and teardown as much as possible.
2015-08-16 10.19.29

2015-08-16 09.47.49

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It was a joy to be with 614 on this special day and to be able to contribute to what God is doing in their local body. They are a great bunch of people with a heart for God and people!

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614, we celebrate the work that God is doing in and through you, and we trust for great things in the days ahead!

– Nate, Jamie, Silas & Brave Tubbs


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