Feedback from the US EQUIP Conference – Debs Sudworth

Feedback from the US EQUIP Conference – Debs Sudworth

Last month, Steve, Cade, Hannah and I attended  New Covenant Ministry International’s North American Equip time. To learn more about this annual gathering and hear the sessions, please visit :

Personally, the time was life giving for me as Jesus once again, graciously reminded me that this journey is and will continue to be impossible without Him in the forefront of my heart, mind and spirit.

The more we walk out our salvation, the more prone we are to the subtle lies that we can do this without spending daily time investing in our relationship with Jesus.

Maturity and growth does not equal less time with our King. In fact, we need Him more.

Equips are so much more than conferences. They are opportunities to meet others from all over the world, in one place, to worship, learn, receive, be ministered to and stirred to take it out to others.

Please pray and consider joining us next year.

To see the photos on Facebook please visit:

On June 30th, after the North American Equip, we made our way to Patrick and Vanessa McNamara in San Jose. It was an Epic weekend as we spent time with this legendary couple who continue to lay their lives down and walk out the calling God has specifically called them to. We laughed, we cried and we worshiped our King of Kings for all that He has done and will do. We also had some incredible Korean BBQ!!

It continues to be such an incredible privilege to spend time with men and women who are completely sold out for our King. No one said it would be easy walking out the call of God, but He is worthy of it all. Steve and I are always overwhelmed by the faithful people we meet and the joy we experience by being a part of a community and family of believers in these different parts of our beautiful country. Patrick and Vanessa and the community of LifeStart Church is one of these precious families that we have grown to love. We cant wait for our next visit!

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