Feedback from Ministry Trip to Westside Church (Placerville, CA) Feb 28th – Mar 3rd, 2013

Feedback from Ministry Trip to Westside Church (Placerville, CA) Feb 28th – Mar 3rd, 2013

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Westside Church ( in Placerville, CA is led by Steve & Teri Barr who visited CITC last year. Westside, like Church in the City, partner with the Eph-4 team called New Covenant Ministries International ( Hue & Vanessa and Debs & I had the opportunity to minister in their church and help lead a leaders retreat. Below is some feedback from the weekend.

– Steve


From Hue:

Visiting Westside church, in Placerville, CA, was an incredible experience for Vanessa and I as we accompanied Steve and Debs on their apostolic trip.  Steve did exceptionally well in teaching at their leadership retreat, and preaching at all three of their services (you read that correctly, three services). We went there with the desire to bless Westside in whatever capacity we could; friendship, encouragement, sharing testimonies, praying, etc.  I felt we were able to minister to their leadership team in so many different areas.  It was exciting to see that Westside, even though they are different to our church, carry a similar heart.  Their desire to carry Jesus’ mandate of advancing the Kingdom was evident.  Vanessa and I were able to share some of strengths of CITC to Westside through prophetic words, encouragement, and building relationships with their leaders. At the same time, we learned about their strengths, some of which CITC is growing in, and we have brought that back with us to help us be a more mature body.  I always understood the verses from Eph 4:12-13 but got to experience these truths at a different level will on this trip. It was a delight to use gifts to help churches grow and mature.


From Vanessa:

It was so great to travel with Steve and Debs to Westside church.  Hue and I absolutely loved the church and the people so much and felt an instant connection to them when we went.   I couldn’t believe how much God expanded our hearts while we were there, just in saying “yes” to Him and going.  I did not know how much we would be enlarged by it but I also came away with such an appreciation of the partnership we have with other churches.  We really are “co-laborers” together in this work and it brought me so much comfort to know we have these partners across the country and in other nations even, who are in it with us, fighting for the same things, praying for us, working together with us, and advancing the Kingdom together.  That was the best part or me.  I have much to grow in, in the area of surrender, but for me, I really saw that when God is pressing on our hearts to do something, even when it costs us something, a flight ticket, time away from your families, getting out of your comfort zone, a lost weekend to do all the things you want to do, He really comes through and we were more blessed I’m sure, than the people we went to bless.

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