Feedback from Ministry Trip to Fusion Point Church (Durham, NC) Sep 13th-15th, 2013

Feedback from Ministry Trip to Fusion Point Church (Durham, NC) Sep 13th-15th, 2013

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“Having Steve in for the weekend was wonderful. To teach about being part of the NCMI family, to welcome the gifts that Jesus gave to the church in the form of the five-fold ministers, is part of what my wife Debs and I have taught Fusion Point Church over a number of years. However, for many of our people, his ministry into our church became an ‘Aha moment!’ Many of our people were able to see it play out before their eyes. It was fantastic to see their responses. Furthermore, Steve serves as an elder in the church until such time as we are able to raise up local elders from within our congregation. We have spoken about and longed for a team of elders to lead the church and it was great to feel the dynamic of team and for the people to meet him and form a relationship with him for the first time.

“I was so thankful for his passionate teaching and the way that he got close to the people, it meant a lot to them. The Kingdom teaching was dynamic and yet so simply and clearly taught. To see the apostolic in action, to see faith rise in the lives of Fusion Point Church for our future is very exciting. To me, this is critical, without the function of the five fold ministry into the life of a local church, we will not grow into all that God has planned for us to be and do.  His input brought a sense of security to the body. We might be small, but we are making an impact and the kingdom is advancing. In a traditional mindset, we treat the apostolic gifts as itinerant guest speakers who are there to present their best sermons for the benefit of the listeners, but we welcome them as gifts to the church as the Bible encourages us to. Without saying the obvious he was able to identify with Fusion Point Church as a friend who is part of our family and yet challenged them to expect the Kingdom of God to come in our context. This is why Jesus gave gifts to His church, to allow these gifts to bring his church into maturity so that all the body of Christ can do the work of the ministry. Thank you for releasing Steve this weekend which allowed God to do what He did through him this past weekend. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Church in the City for the glory of Jesus.”

– Barry Engelbrecht

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