Feedback from Ministry Trip to Central Church (Waterloo, ON)

Feedback from Ministry Trip to Central Church (Waterloo, ON)

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Last weekend my wife Jamie and I had the opportunity to travel to Central Church in Waterloo/Kitchener, Ontario, Canada to spend time with the people there and to preach on Sunday in their church.  It was an even-more-familiar drive this time, as it was our fourth time there, partnering with them and what God is doing in their city.  They are an amazing bunch of people, and every time we spend time there we grow in love for that community and expression of the body of Christ!

Friday was a journey — a long drive of about 7.5-turned-into-10ish hours with stops for various reasons (traveling with a 4mo. old :D), most off which was before we crossed the border with an expired passport (yes, mine), and finally arrived in Kitchener.

On Saturday we got to rest in the morning, and then spent lunch and most of the afternoon with Fred & Catherine Serez, who planted & lead Central Church.  They have an amazing family, and an amazing heart for God — we really enjoyed connecting with them, shoveling snow with their son, and ice-skating / shopping with them in the afternoon.  For me, a native of Buffalo, NY, it was the perfect day of lake-effect snow, shoveling, driving really slowly, good company, etc… (oh, nostalgia!)  Please continue to trust for healing for Fred’s leg, as it greatly impacts his family and the church.  It was great to be able to tell them in person that we as a church have been praying for them and Central Church — it is so important that we stand alongside each other as individuals and churches!

Later that night we joined one of Central’s elders, Ken, his son & fiancee, and Ken’s neighbor (also named Ken), for watching the Blackhawks vs the Leafs (hockey… you know, THE sport in Canada?).  Tragically, the Leafs won; graciously, they didn’t rib me too badly 🙂  It was such a nice time getting to know them better and getting another glimpse of their setting and routine of life in Waterloo.

Sunday morning was an excellent gathering — it had all the elements you would hope for in church: everyone chipping in to setup / host / etc, great worship, wonderful connection, and hanging out afterwards… oh and a not-so-bad sermon too (what can I say?).  Central have been doing a series on the attribute of God, and on Sunday I preached about “God is Present” and how His active presence in our lives allows us to be His active presence in the world as we live incarnationally.  We trust that they will be a light shining bright in their city, showing the people there what God is like!

Please pray for Central Church tomorrow afternoon as they are hitting their town square to share the love of Christ with the people of Waterloo!  (it will be going on noon-3pm our time tomorrow Dec, 21st)


One of the great things about traveling to another context is to get outside our routine and see what God is doing elsewhere — every time we have been to Waterloo we have been impacted by that.  It is amazing to continue to build friendships with others who are co-laborers with us and fighting the same battles we are — just in a different context.  We are greatly thankful for the people of Central Church and their wonderful hospitality and extension of friendship and partnership — true Kingdom values at work.


– Nate Tubbs

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