Feedback from 614 Church Visit (Columbus)

Steve & Debs ministered at 614 Church in Columbus, OH last week.  Here’s some feedback from Debs:

Last weekend Steve, Cade and I had the privilege of visiting 614 Church, lead by church planters, Dave and Kathy Swart- dear friends who used to be on eldership at Church in the City.

Dave asked us to do a mini-parenting course on the Thursday and Friday night which went really well. We covered topics like Discipline, Kingdom vs Culture and practically outworking ministry with children.

Steve preached a great message on Sunday and we ended the weekend celebrating the gift of communion in community!

Thank you again to the Elders, Groundbreakers teams, Hosting teams and Worship teams who do an incredible job overseeing, praying, preaching and serving while we are gone. Thank you Church in the City for sending us. We count a blessing and a privilege!

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